Fiduciary Solutions, LLC

Our Services

Fiduciary Solutions, LLC can serve under an engagement for bookkeeping services, named as agent or attorney-in-fact under a power of attorney, trustee of a trust to administer its terms and conditions or Personal Representative/Executor to settle an estate when someone passes away.


Keeping your finances and records organized, current and in good standing with credit bureaus are important. We work with your investment advisor, income tax preparer, trust officer, and/or attorney if necessary to provide you with bookkeeping services such as bill payment, filing of records, bank and financial account review and reconciliation, correspondence preparation for you to individuals or organizations on your behalf at your direction and approval and recordkeeping of all your records and documents. We can help to make sure your bills are paid timely, help you collect refunds due, watch to ensure you maintain liquidity for expenditures, gather, sort, deliver and pickup tax information and returns to and from your tax preparer.


Fiduciary Solutions, LLC offers property management responsibilities such as gathering your financial assets to protect your estate, valuing and securing those assets and personal/real property as needed and as your estate plan dictates. Fiduciary Solutions, LLC can coordinate, delegate and supervise assets and personal/real property services among staff or arrange for outside support if applicable; all to protect your estate or trust.

Specific types of property management services included are, but are not limited to collecting rental income, paying appropriate taxes and expenditures related to assets and property, conducting pictorial inventory, arranging for appraisal(s) and update records to comply with your estate plan or trust. On-site staffing during formal inventory, appraisal, maintenance, repairs and/or installation. On-site staffing for removal or disposition of property and arrange for and management of appropriate labor. Obtain bids for sale of personal property, select realtor to list real property for sale, records management to sort, retain or shred records as needed.


Court appointments may occur for different reasons. Some examples of why a court appointment is necessary are when a person is incapacitated, has assets that will dissipate if not protected, can no longer take care of themselves and are vulnerable. A court of law appointments an attorney to represent the alleged person in need of protection.
A court investigator is assigned to the case and consults with all interested parties, including the alleged protected person, reviews medical reports from physicians and any other professionals that may be part of the case as a witness. A court hearing occurs to determine if in fact the alleged protected person does need protection and is at risk.

Some types of Court Appointments are:

  • Conservator – responsible for all financial matters outside of a Trust, if one exists.
  • Guardian – responsible a person’s welfare and well being.
  • Trustee – responsible for all trust assets, trust administration and carrying out the terms and conditions of the trust agreement.
  • Personal Representative – responsible for carrying out the terms and conditions of the decedent’s Last Will and Testament.